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When developing the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan for AOII Properties, the Properties Board included education as a focus for the biennium. While the purpose of AOII Properties is to support the Fraternity and its collegiate chapters by promoting the health, safety and welfare of its members, we believe that education plays a significant role in guiding us on how we can support this purpose. We are excited to launch new and revised trainings for many of our stakeholders this summer, while continuing to support our existing programs.

House Director and CorpRA Training
For many years, our House Directors have met each summer at AOII Headquarters for several days of training.  The topics include everything from maintenance scheduling to issues that college students face. They share best practices and get to meet with several of our property management and food service vendors. This year, we are expanding the training to include CorpRAs for our housed chapters. We recognize that this is a crucial role that lacked updated training, and we hope to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Updated Property Manager Manual
Property Managers also serve a crucial role in helping maintain our chapter facilities. As the eyes and ears on the ground, Property Managers can be the first to identify any issues that arise. As AOII Properties operations has changed over the past several years, the updated manual will incorporate changes to operations and contacts for our Property Managers. Stay tuned for the launch of the updated manual this year!

Leadership Institute Attendees
Your chapter’s Development Fees will often send additional attendees to Leadership Institute! Chapters have been contacted about the process of registering their additional members.

Additional Educational Opportunities
There are many opportunities for both housed and non-housed chapters to utilize their Development Fees for training and development opportunities. From sending members to regional training opportunities, such as State Days, to sponsoring an external speaker, AOII Properties can support educational programming for your chapter.

Education and training enhance both the “what” and the “how”. “What” are we trying to accomplish and “how” will we get there! We look forward If you have questions regarding any of these opportunities, please reach out to your Assistant Director of Properties.

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