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by Kay Elam, Sigma Delta (Huntingdon College), Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee

For most of us, college is the first time we find ourselves totally independent to make our own decisions from which we either reap the rewards or live with the consequences. There is the inherent safety net within the college community to lead us during this pivotal time. I contend part of the educational process is to prepare students for all aspects of their futures.

With graduation right around the corner, many of you are about to enter the next phase of your lives. The world holds so many possibilities: a career, graduate or professional school, travel, marriage, and motherhood, to name a few. Which ways will you go?

While all of these paths are exciting, they can also be a little scary. Well, here’s the thing—no matter what you choose, you don’t have to be alone. I dare say, whatever you do, or where ever you go, you won’t be the first AOII in your new situation.

That’s just one of many reasons to stay connected to your sisters and involved in AOII after graduation.

If you stay connected, I can almost guarantee you AOII sisters will be among your closest friends for the rest of your life. As a new graduate, you probably think I’m referring to your AOII collegiate chapter sisters as your best lifelong friends. While that could be true, (I am still in touch with several of mine, and it’s been way too many years to count), the reality is, as you begin your alumnae experience, you’ll befriend sisters from a variety of collegiate chapters.

Think about it. You are a collegiate member for only four years. You’ll be an AOII alumna for the rest of your life which will hopefully be at least another half-century. It stands to reason you’ll meet more sisters over your alumna years than during the four years in college.

This diversity is one of the things that makes AOII so special. While older alumnae members often mentor younger sisters both professionally and socially, younger sisters bring fresh perspectives to energize their new alumnae chapters. Because we share our Ritual, the age and chapter differences among sisters disappear, leaving the universal bond of sisterhood first experienced in our collegiate chapters. Additionally, what you experience through alumnae involvement can be far more fulfilling and rewarding – on many levels – than your time as a collegiate member was.

So, when you graduate, I urge you to continue your AOII experience. Don’t deprive yourself or AOII of your involvement. Alumnae dues are annual, and, within five years of graduation, your first year is free! After that, dues are only once a year and very affordable. You can’t beat that!

Mark your calendar to join the AOII alumnae chapter of your choice upon graduation. A complete list is on the AOII website. Welcome to the wonderful world of AOII alumnae.

If you have questions or need ideas from the Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee (RT&J), please don’t hesitate to contact us at RT&

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