Symbiotic Relationships: How AOII Boards Serve Our Membership

in Executive Board, Foundation, Properties

by Leela (Lee) J. Gray, Epsilon Chi (Elon U), International Vice President

Lee J Gray-Conv2019
Lee J. Gray, 2019-2021 International Vice President

Our AOII Constitution and Bylaws outline the roles and responsibilities of our three boards. The Executive Board (XB), Properties Board (PB) and the Foundation Board (FB) each have a Board of Directors and a set of responsibilities different from one another, but they are integral in the overall operational success of our entire organization.

The Executive Board serves our membership in multiple ways but starts with being responsible for ensuring organizational performance and carrying out the purpose and business of the Fraternity when Council is not in session. The XB has specific fiscal responsibilities with respect to financial conditions and activities such as asset protection, maintenance and risk management for all assets. The XB provides approvals and oversight to ensure prudent investments and they appoint an independent, CPA qualified, auditor annually for the annual Financial Statement as well as being responsible for the Biennial Financial Report that members receive in The Call as they prepare for and will use at our biennial Convention.

To further serve our members, the primary duties of the XB are to maintain the connection between the members and the operational organization; provide strategic leadership for the Fraternity; create governing policies; assure organizational performance via monitoring the Executive Director and succession planning; create a supportive environment for the success of the Properties Board and Foundation Board and maintain the connection between the organization and external stakeholders.

AOII Properties is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fraternity, governed by the Properties Board, who is overseen by the Executive Board. The PB serves its members by providing appropriate financial planning and oversight to support its purpose of promoting the health, safety and welfare of our collegiate members while also ensuring competitive chapter facilities. To also fulfill its responsibilities, the PB provides analysis and recommendations to the XB with regard to expenditure, loans, mortgages and the sale, purchase or use of properties for debt.

The Foundation Board is separate from, but works closely with the Fraternity, since its purpose as stated in the AOII Constitution is to raise, receive, administer and distribute funds for educational, charitable and scientific programs. The FB works to align its strategic plan to support the work of the Fraternity, while understanding it is a separate 501C3. The FB provides oversight on its financial operations and investments to ensure delivery of educational and leadership scholarships and direct support to the Fraternity and our members by providing grants for educational and leadership programming often delivered by the Fraternity. You see this programming throughout the year and during Leadership Institute, Leadership Academy and our biennial Convention. The FB also provides oversight on raising and distributing funds for our philanthropy, the Arthritis Foundation. They lead fundraising events and manage direct gifts. The FB also ensures the Foundation provides opportunities for alumnae engagement, offering more than 100 alumnae opportunities to serve on committees, as Foundation ambassadors and as scholarship readers/evaluators.

These three AOII Boards work together in a myriad of ways and even though many members might not recognize the all the roles they play, they are each an integral part in delivering an AOII experience for collegiate and alumnae members alike.

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